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Git Hooks

Git hook makes it easier to keep order in the software project: - can help following agreed conventions related with e.g. + code format, code quality + workflow + commit practices and format

Exemplary check before the commit

If not exists, create hooks directory in the .git folder of the demo and add these files.

├── isort_hooks.py
└── pre-commit


#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys

from isort.hooks import git_hook

sys.exit(git_hook(strict=True, modify=True))


set -e  # stop script execution when error encoutered

# Run flake8 check
flake8 .

# Sort imports with isort
python ./.githooks/isort_hooks.py


There is a tool pre-commit that eases the installation and configuration of git hooks. Read my note on that: Pre-commit hooks

References: - Git Hooks - user-friendly description, tons of examples, reference links - Git Book on hooks -

Sharing git hooks with the team

Nowadays you can do the following to set a directory that is under version control to be your git hooks directory, e.g., MY_REPO_DIR/.githooks would be

git config --local core.hooksPath .githooks/

Still not directly enforceable but, if you add a note in your README (or whatever), this requires a minimum of effort on each developer's part. Source: Stackoverflow

See also: - Two Ways to Share Git Hooks with Your Team