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Git pre-commit hooks

Pre-commit is convenient framework to manage git hooks. Uses configuration in yaml file, handle installation of required hooks and tools.


repo with hooks to be used with pre-commit

Install pre-commit

pip install pre-commit

Create config file e.g.:

-   repo: https://github.com/pre-commit/pre-commit-hooks
    sha: v2.3.0
    -   id: check-yaml
    -   id: end-of-file-fixer
    -   id: trailing-whitespace
-   repo: https://github.com/psf/black
    sha: 19.3b0
    -   id: black

Install hooks

run pre-commit install to set up the git hook scripts. Now pre-commit will run automatically on git commit

Run against all files before commit (optional)

It’s usually a good idea to run the hooks against all of the files when adding new hooks (usually pre-commit will only run on the changed files during git hooks)

pre-commit run --all-files

see also: https://github.com/sds/overcommit