Things I Learned

This is set of my notes taken when I learned something. Inspired by many "Today I Learned" or "Things I Learned" pages.
Punctuation restoration
Salt and pepper in the context of hashing/obfuscation
Python - is there any difference between attribute and property?
The difference between class attribute or property and the class variable
yapf toml package is needed for using pyproject.toml as a configuration file
ActivityPub - how it works and how to use it?
Federated Social Web Manifesto
Rustification of Python
What is the difference between MLOps and ModelOps?
Eval in Bash Script with Arguments Implemented as Functions
Data Science Competitions where Winners can Win Real Money
RSS vs. the Emerging Web Standards - Which Will Reign Supreme?
Future-Proofing RSS - Key Changes and Technical Solutions to Keep the Web Feed Format Relevant
Future of RSS
In Git, how create patch for changes between current head and given commit?
Git - sign commit that is n commits back (earlier)
Git - sign previous commit
Best Alternatives to Jupyter Notebooks
The best Linux distributions for old x86 laptop to have windows-like look and feel.
How to save numpy array to file?
Plot inside plot with Matplotlib
Which Python Code Formatter is Better: Black or yapf?
Model Stacking, Bagging, Ensembling, and Boosting Explained with LEGO metaphor
List of features with strongest correlation
Explainable AI - Anchor Explanations
Checks and Data preprocessing steps before applying PCA
Black - change max line length
Jupyte Notebook duplicated locations for nbextensions
How to Set the Range of the Y Axis in Plotly?
How to set transparent background for plotly plot?
How to find most viewed questions with given tag on stackoverflow?
How to change the size of matplotlib figure?
How to rename one or more columns in pandas dataframe?
How to select rows from a DataFrame based on column values
Datasets for embeddings performance evaluation
Simplifying Software Complexity: 10 Tips
Using markmap mindmap diagrams in Pelican Blog
Writing A Book Or Ebook In Markdown
Which method of model packaging should I used?
Compress, reduce or minimize size of PDF document
Databricks Potential Usages
Programatic diagram generation
Combining neural networks and evolutionary algorithms
Using Graphviz (dot) Diagrams in Pelican Blog
Histogram intersection
Tools that Helps to Understand and Tweak Random Forest Classifier
How to use the Polish WordNet in Python?
Creating Command Line Tools from Machine Learning Models
3 Pieces of Popular MLOps Advice to Ignore — and What to Do Instead
What are the most popular private services that people decide to self-host?
The Benefits of Packaging an ML Model as a Python PEX File
Deploying MLFlow on Local Machine using Docker
The difference between Machine Learning Development and traditional Software Development
When Bayesian methods are not the best option?
How to experiment with MLFlow locally on laptop or PC? Instructions for the local setup.
MLOps Roadmap
10 scikit-learn exercises for aspiring data scientists
Learning Bayesian methods as Data Scientist
What is the difference between Matthews correlation coefficient and F1 metrics
Difference between numba jit and njit decorators
Tutorial - Install Calibre web on QNAP NAS
Write a syslog entry from a bash script
How to convert HTML to clean markdown
List unlinked (orphaned) notes in Obsidian
Reading CSV with Obsidian dataview and dataviewjs
Install Photoprism on QNAP NAS using Docker Compose
Trading algorithms and trading strategies
Append JSON data to file, save the traces
Bash - determine if script runs on Linux, macOS or other system
Reinstall frequently
Python logging - single character log level
Bash - encode, decode base64 and hex
Auto documented makefile
Bash - file base name (without extension)
Bash - coloring output
Bash - continue, yes or no
Bash - default argument for the script
Bash - download gist from GitHub
Black - keep single quotes for strings
Change the character encoding
Check text file encoding
Chocolatey (Windows)
Convert markdown to pdf
Convert PDF document to image
Date formatting
How to delete a Git branch locally and remotely?
Man alternatives, CLI command usage explanations, and cheatsheets
Pytest check if lists are equal
How to ignore warnings in Python
Pandas dataframe schema and data types validation
Serve HTTP files with python server
Change extension for multiple files in Zsh
Use python TypedDict to type hint dictionaries
Zsh - loop over files and run command
Allow arbitrary types (such as Pandas Dataframe) in Pydantic
Python - configuration management
Clone partition in Linux
Adding Parent Directory To Python Path
Python - get file and path parts (dirname, base name, extension)
Most Popular Python Backtesting Libraries
Datasets for sentiment analysis
Git - delete branches that are merged into the main branch
Black - the code formatter
Git hooks
Time tracking apps
Add logo to notebook header cell
Git add - stage changes in various ways
Pre-commit hooks
Python - convert docstring styles
Python - docstrings styles
Python - project documentation from the code with pdoc3
Git - autocommit on file changes
Box-Cox Transform - Normalizing Non-Normal Data