Things I Learned

This is set of my notes taken when I learned something. Inspired by many "Today I Learned" or "Things I Learned" pages.
Install Photoprism on QNAP NAS using Docker Compose
Trading algorithms and trading strategies
Append JSON data to file, save the traces
Bash - determine if script runs on Linux, macOS or other system
Bash - encode, decode base64 and hex
Auto documented makefile
Bash - file base name (without extension)
Bash - coloring output
Bash - continue: yes or no
Bash - default argument for the script
Bash - download gist from Github
Black - keep single quotes for strings
Change the character encoding
Check text file encoding
Chocolatey (Windows)
Convert markdown to pdf
How to delete a Git branch locally and remotely?
Man alternatives, CLI command usage explanations, and cheatsheets
Pytest check if lists are equal
Pandas dataframe schema and data types validation
Serve http files with python server
Change extension for multiple files in Zsh
Use python TypedDict to type hint dictionaries
Zsh - loop over files and run command
Allow arbitrary types (such as Pandas Dataframe) in Pydantic
Python - configuration management
Clone partition in Linux
Python Add Parent Directory To Path
Python - get file and path parts (dirname, base name, extension)
Most Popular Python Backtesting Libraries
Git - delete branches that are merged into the main branch
Black - the code formatter
Git hooks
Time tracking apps
Add logo to notebook header cell
Git add - stage changes in various ways
Pre-commit hooks
Python - convert docstring styles
Python - docstrings styles
Python - project documentation from the code with pdoc3
Git - autocommit on file changes