Automated signal segmentation, trend detection, and classification

September 12, 2022

This post presents the trend-classifier package that can be used for signal segmentation into parts where the trend is coherent.

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The Best Self-Hosted, Open Source RSS Feed Readers in 2022

August 31, 2022

Best self-hosted RSS Feed Readers selected by popularity and project activity.

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How to get most of GitHub Copilot

January 25, 2022

This post describes techniques that help to get most accurate suggestions from the GitHub Copilot "Your AI pair programmer". For those who never heard of Copilot there is short introduction, if you already know Copilot - you can jump directly to section 4: "How to get most of GitHub Copilot".

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Learn Bayesian methods in 4 steps - by reading and by doing

July 09, 2019

This post propose 4-steps path for learning Byesian methods. First step is going through the book: "Bayesian methods for hackers", second, use complementary books for probability and statistics, third, read How to become a Bayesian in eight easy steps: and the last, go through the book full of exercises: "Think Bayes".

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How to install TensorFlow and Keras on Windows 10

January 17, 2019

Guide on how to install TensorFlow cpu-only version - the case for machines without GPU supporting CUDA. Step-by-step procedure starting from creating conda environment till testing if TensorFlow and Keras Works.

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How to organize Data Science project based on Jupyter notebook

January 05, 2019

Having several notebook-based projects behind you might result in a mess in the projects directory. Organize your Data Science project based on Jupyter notebooks in a way that one can navigate through it. Especially that "the one" will be most probably you in a few months time. To achieve that: keep your projects directory clean, name the project in a descriptive way and take care of the internal structure of the project.

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