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The Best Self-Hosted, Open Source RSS Feed Readers in 2022

Best self-hosted RSS Feed Readers selected by popularity and project activity.

What is RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format. Subscribing to RSS feeds can allow a user to keep track of many different websites in a single news aggregator, which constantly monitors sites for new content, removing the need for the user to manually check them.

Websites usually use RSS feeds to publish frequently updated information, such as blog entries, news headlines, episodes of audio and video series, or for distributing podcasts. An RSS document (called "feed", "web feed", or "channel") includes full or summarized text, and metadata, like publishing date and author's name. RSS formats are specified using a generic XML file.

(source: Wikipedia)

Did you know?: In 2000, at the age of 14, Aaron Swartz co-authored RSS version 1.0, and shortly thereafter joined a working group at the World Wide Web Consortium to help develop common data formats used on the World Wide Web.

Actively developed and popular self-hosted Feed readers

The Feed Readers section of Awesome Self-Hosted mention 30 projects that provide functionality related to RSS. The search of the GitHub looking for rss-reader tag This article aims to select those actively developed and gained popularity measured by the number of GitHub stars. The criteria for selecting the best readers were that the project is actively developed - the last commit within the last 6 months and has more than 1k+ stars.

NewsBlur github stars shield

NewsBlur is a personal news reader bringing people together to talk about the world

NewsBlur screenshoot

Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS is a free and open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator

Tiny Tiny RSS screenshoot

FreshRSS github stars shield

FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator.


miniflux github stars shield

Miniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader, Written in Go, It's simple, fast, lightweight and super easy to install.

miniflux screenshoot

Stringer github stars shield

A self-hosted, anti-social RSS reader. Stringer has no external dependencies, no social recommendations/sharing, and no fancy machine learning algorithms.

Stringer screenshoot

selfoss github stars shield

Multipurpose RSS reader and feed aggregation web application. It allows you to easily follow updates from different web sites, social networks and other platforms, all in single place.

selfoss screenshoot

CommaFeed github stars shield

Google Reader inspired self-hosted RSS reader, based on Dropwizard and AngularJS. CommaFeed is now considered feature-complete and is in maintenance mode

CommaFeed screenshoot

yarr github stars shield

(yet another rss reader) is a web-based feed aggregator which can be used both as a desktop application and a personal self-hosted server.

yarr screenshoot


RSSMonster github stars shield

Sismics Reader github stars shield

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