Kurtosis in Simple Terms, Interpretation and Gotchas


Statistics can be tricky, but understanding kurtosis is a must for anyone who wants to avoid making common mistakes in statistical analyses. Learn how to interpret it in this comprehensive guide.

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Metrics Used to Compare Histograms


Learn about metrics used to compare histograms with examples of how to calculate them in python. From Chi-Squared distance to Kullback-Leibler divergence and Earth Mover's distance. A comprehensive guide.

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Finding the Spy - Post on Markov Chains and Stochastic Matrices


Using puzzle on tracing the high profile spy as excuse to showcase Markov Chains and demonstrate usage and properties e.g. Stationary distribution

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Learn Bayesian Methods in 4 Steps - By Reading and by Doing


This post proposes a 4-step path for learning Bayesian methods. The first step is going through the book "Bayesian methods for hackers", second, using complementary books for probability and statistics, the third, reading How to become a Bayesian in eight easy steps, and last, going through the book full of exercises - "Think Bayes".

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