Finding the spy - post on Markov Chains and stochastic matrices

Posted on Sat 10 August 2019 in Posts • Tagged with python, jupyter, statistics, markow chains • 26 min read

Using puzzle on tracing the high profile spy as excuse to showcase Markov Chains and demonstrate usage and properties e.g. Stationary distribution

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How to organize Data Science project based on Jupyter notebook

Posted on Sat 05 January 2019 in Posts • Tagged with jupyter, python, notebook, howto, machine learning • 4 min read

Having several notebook-based projects behind you might result in mess in projects directory. Organize your Data Science project based on Jupyter notebooks in a way that one can navigate through it. Especially that "the one" will be most probably you in few months time. To achieve that: keep your projects directory clean, name the project in a descriptive way and take care of internal structure of the project.

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What's cooking

Posted on Thu 05 April 2018 in Posts • Tagged with python, jupyter, kaggle, NLP, EDA, machine learning • 13 min read

Exploratory Data Anlysis of the Kaggle's "What's cooking" competition dataset to get understanding what kind of data we are dealing with and get intuition of existing dependecies.

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Blockchain implementation

Posted on Mon 26 March 2018 in Posts • Tagged with blockchain, cryptocurency, python, jupyter • 12 min read

Python implementation of blockchain in few lines of code.

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