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Model Stacking, Bagging, Ensembling, and Boosting Explained with LEGO metaphor

Model Stacking, Bagging, Ensembling and Boosting Explained Like to 5 Years Old

Hello there! Today we’re going to talk about some really cool techniques in machine learning called model stacking, bagging, ensembling, and boosting. These techniques are used to improve the accuracy of machine learning models, and they’re a lot like playing with Legos!

Lego metaphor

Imagine you have a big box of Legos. Each Lego is like a little building block that you can use to build something bigger and more complex. Similarly, in machine learning, we have different algorithms or models that we can use to predict outcomes, like whether a picture shows a dog or a cat.

Model stacking

Model stacking is like building a tall Lego tower by stacking one Lego on top of another. We start with a few different models, and then we combine them in a certain way to create a new, stronger model. This new model is like a Lego tower that’s taller and more complex than any of the individual models we started with.


Bagging is like building a bunch of different Lego towers at the same time. Instead of just using one set of data to build our model, we use several different sets of data, each with their own set of Lego pieces. We build a different Lego tower with each set of data, and then we combine all the towers together to create a new, stronger model. This is like building a whole Lego city with lots of different buildings!


Ensembling is like building a really big Lego structure by putting lots of different Lego pieces together. Instead of just using one type of model, we use lots of different models, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. We put all these different models together, like putting together lots of different Lego pieces, to create a new, more accurate model.


Boosting is like building a really tall Lego tower by stacking one Lego on top of another, but we do it in a special way. We start with a really simple model, like a short Lego tower, and then we add more and more Lego pieces to it, making it taller and more complex. This is like starting with a simple algorithm and then gradually adding more complexity to it to create a stronger, more accurate model.


Model stacking, bagging, ensembling, and boosting are all techniques that we use to combine different models together to create a stronger, more accurate model. Each technique is like playing with Legos, but instead of building physical structures, we’re building machine-learning models! By using these techniques, we can create models that are more accurate and powerful than any single model on its own.