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Lesser-known Python Package Repository Managers

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The Artifactory (paid) and Devpi (free, open source) are most widely used python package repository managers, but there are some other interesting projects. Here are a few lesser-known Python package repository managers along with links to their source code or home websites.


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The current codebase behind the Python Package Index (PyPI). While not lesser-known, it's worth mentioning as an alternative to the official PyPI implementation.


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PyHockey is a minimal Python package server that's easy to set up and use for hosting private packages.


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A PyPI mirror client that can be used to create a complete copy of the Python Package Index (PyPI) locally or in a private network.


EggBasket is a lightweight, easily-configurable Python package server designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Please note that the popularity and maintenance status of these repositories may vary, so it's a good idea to review the documentation and GitHub repositories to ensure they meet your requirements before setting up a self-hosted package repository.