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In Git, How Create Patch for Changes Between Current Head and Given Commit?

To create a patch in Git for the changes between the current HEAD and a given commit, you can use the git diff command with the --patch option. Here are the steps:

  1. Get the hash of the commit you want to compare to the current HEAD by running git log.

  2. Run git diff --patch <commit hash> HEAD > mypatch.patch.

  3. This will create a patch file named mypatch.patch in the current directory.

The git diff command compares the specified commit to the current HEAD and generates a diff. The --patch option tells Git to output the diff in patch format. The > operator redirects the output to a file named mypatch.patch.

Note that the patch file will contain only the changes between the two commits, not the entire files. You can apply the patch by using the git apply command. For example, you can apply the patch with the following command:

git apply mypatch.patch

This will apply the changes from the patch to the current working directory. If there are any conflicts, Git will stop and ask you to resolve them manually. You can then commit the changes as usual.

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