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Databricks Potential Usages

Databricks is a cloud-based platform for big data processing and analytics. Here are some common use cases:

  1. Data Engineering Databricks can be used to ingest, clean, and transform large datasets in preparation for analysis.

  2. Machine Learning Databricks provides a number of tools for building and deploying machine learning models, including integration with popular libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.

  3. Data Analysis Databricks allows users to perform exploratory data analysis and create interactive visualizations using SQL and Python.

  4. Real-time Stream Processing Databricks can process real-time streams of data and trigger actions in near real-time using Apache Kafka and Apache Spark Streaming.

  5. Business Intelligence Databricks can be integrated with BI tools such as Tableau and Power BI to provide actionable insights to business users.

  6. Production Deployment Databricks allows for easy deployment of models and workflows to production environments.