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Convert PDF document to image

install poppler-utils

# on Ubuntu, Debian Linux:
sudo apt install poppler-utils

# on macOS
brew install poppler


To convert the entire PDF into PNG format, run the command below. In this case, our PDF file is document.pdf

pdftoppm -png document.pdf document

To convert a range of PDF pages, simply include the –f N and –l N instructions. Where - -f N stands for the first page to be converted - -l N stands for the last page to be converted.

To convert from page 5 to page 15, run the following command.

pdftoppm -png -f 5 -l 15 document.pdf document

Change the PNG resolution if you want. By default, images will have a DPI of 150. If you're going to increase the resolution, simply include the –rx and –ry commands. To create an image of 300 DPI, use the code below.

pdftoppm -png -rx 300 -ry 300 document.pdf document

References: - Steps to Convert PDF to PNG on Linux

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